I was thirteen years old when I snuck an R-rated movie into my parents rental pile while browsing the selections at the local Hanover, Pennsylvania Blockbuster. The movie was Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I was so inspired by the unique storytelling and vivid imagery that I sought out how films like Eternal Sunshine were made. I started by digging out the VHS camcorder stashed away in my family's coat closet. Pressing the record button gave me an instant rush of adrenaline that was unparalleled by any other means of artistic expression.

After high school, I moved to Nashville, Tennessee where I attended film school at Watkins College of Art, Design & Film. I wasted no time at Watkins; Crewing on a student film or professional production nearly every weekend gave me the opportunity to make mistakes and refine my craft of creating film and video from conception to consumption. I graduated with honors and hold a BFA in Film Production with a concentration in Cinematography and Editing.


I have experience working in the camera department for music videos, commercials and short films and have worked in video production positions at SnapShot Interactive, Journeys, Institute for Justice, LAI Video, SmackDab Media and Lightning 100.